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Affiliation Disclaimer

This website is not affiliated with DIR EN GREY, its members, sun-krad or any other related parties. I receive no compensation, financial or otherwise, from any of the related parties.

Internal Content Disclaimer

The content of this website has been compiled with meticulous care and to the best of my knowledge. However, I cannot assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of any of the articles.

External Links Disclaimer

This website contains links to the websites of third parties ("external links"). As the content of these websites is not under my control, I cannot assume any liability for such external content. In all cases, the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided.

Fair Use Disclaimer

Fair use refers to the right to reproduce, use and share copyrighted works of cultural production without direct permission from or payment to the original copyright holders. It is a designation that is assigned to projects that use copyrighted materials for purposes that include research, criticism, news reporting and teaching. When a project is protected under fair use provisions, the producers of that project are not subject to sanctions related to copyright infringement. The maintenance of fair use protections is central to many non-profit and education projects, especially those that operate in digital and online spaces.

This website contains copyrighted material in the form of texts and pictures, the use of which has not always been specifically authorised by the copyright holders. The material on this website is presented entirely for non-profit educational and research purposes and is not owned by me, unless noted otherwise. All rights and credits go to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

For additional information on copyright law and fair use, please visit and