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Japanese Rōmaji Fan-Translation

プラグヲネジ込ミ 美的・発情・香
アタリハ一面 黒ク染マッテイタ

水滴ニ映ッタ 嘆キノキャンバス
瞳ニ焼キ付ク 黒イノスタルジア


白ク光ッタ 素肌ニ接吻
不様ニ転ガル アナタノ肉片ガ

Puragu o nejikomi Biteki・Hatsujō・Ka
Atari wa ichimen Kuroku somatte ita

Suiteki ni utsutta Nageki no kyanbasu
Hitomi ni yakitsuku Kuroi nosutarujia

Karada o mushibame
Kiseichū no yō ni
Kokoro wa mienai
Manekin no yō ni

Shiroku hikatta Suhada ni kuchizuke
Buzama ni korogaru Anata no nikuhen ga…

Screw on the plug Beautiful・Lustful・Scent
Everything around me is dyed black

The grieving canvas reflected in a drop of water
The black nostalgia burned onto my eyes

Spoil my body
Like a parasitic worm
I can't see the heart
Like a mannequin

Kiss the naked flesh glowing white
Tripping in an ugly way, your hunk of meat…

These lyrics don't have an official translation. The fan-translation was taken from here.


  • This song was the first song Dir En Grey ever performed.


  • This song's title means "sadist", among other things. To indicate that it holds more meanings, Kyo decided to use the parentheses.
  • The title addendum of the remix is supposed to be read as "NIN Mix".


  • The words at the beginning and end weren't included in the printed lyrics. According to a comment by Kyo in 絶対音館 (Zettai Onkan) #40 (September 1998), they are:
いないさいあいやー (Inai saiai yaa)
  • The words at the end of the refrain's three lines weren't included in the printed lyrics as well. They're believed to be:
愚カニ (Gukani) – Foolishly
散リ行ク (Chiriyuku) – Scatter
人達 (Hito-tachi) – People
  • The words at the end were also not included in the printed lyrics. It's unknown what Kyo sings.
  • On the Cage single, the lyrics for the remix version are written entirely in katakana.



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