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Japanese Rōmaji Fan-Translation

got for gimmickdevise

さあ眠りましょう 夢を見よう 血・土・嘘・空
体内に吐き出して 体・神・箱・獣
お月様 綺麗でしょう 香・首・罠・黒

緋く甘く 螺旋を描いた 記憶を土に返して
もっと深く 餌付く位に笑うわ 爛れた夜に

一九九九年十一月五日 午後六時三十分二十七秒
B型で潔癖症の私は A型で不眠症の貴男から 少しだけ嘘を教えてもらい
嬉しさのあまり閉所恐怖症の私は貴男に 貞操帯をプレゼントしました
完璧主義の私は 爛れた夜に 動脈を ピクピクさせながら
貴男の静脈に 春死音を注入し ありったけの血液を取り出して
シンプルなこの部屋に 一つだけ 吊るして飾りました
それを見ながら私は 感度暴走のベチョベチョなアレを眼球剥き出しの貴男に
見せながら 三分天国 イイ感じ 錯乱状態 TYPE-A

緋く甘く 螺旋を描いた 記憶を土に返して
もっと深く 餌付く位に笑うわ 爛れた夜に

月日が経てば 何れは この子が生まれて 貴方になり
もっと深く 餌付く位に 力を込めてみせて


got for gimmickdevise

got for gimmick…devise

Saa nemurimashō Yume o miyō Blood・Earth・Lie・Sky
Tainai ni hakidashite Body・God・Box・Beast
Otsuki-sama Kirei deshō Smell・Neck・Trap・Black
Ano hito wa kabe no naka…

Akaku amaku Rasen o egaita Kioku o tsuchi ni kaeshite
Motto fukaku Ezuku kurai ni warauwa Tadareta yoru

Senkyūhyakukyūjūkyūnen jūichigatsu itsuka Gogorokuji sanjūppun nijūnana byō
B-gata de keppekishō no watashi wa A-gata de fuminshō no anata kara Sukoshi dake uso o oshiete morai
Ureshisa no amari heijokyōfushō no watashi wa anata ni Teisō obi o purezento shimashita
Kanpeki shugi no watashi wa Tadareta yoru ni Dōmyaku o Pikupiku sase nagara
Anata no jōmyaku ni Harushion o chūnyūshi Arittake no ketsueki o toridashite
Shinpuru na kono heya ni Hitotsu dake Tsuru shite kazarimashita
Sore o mi nagara watashi wa Kando bōsō no bechobecho na are o gankyū mukidashi no anata ni
Mise nagara Sanbun tengoku Ii kanji Sakuran jōtai TYPE-A

Akaku amaku Rasen o egaita Kioku o tsuchi ni kaeshite
Motto fukaku Ezuku kurai ni warauwa Tadareta yoru

Tsukihi ga tateba Izure wa Kono ko ga umarete Anata ni nari
Motto fukaku Ezuku gurai ni Chikara o komete misete
Akaku amaku…………………………………..

got for gimmick…devise

got for gimmick … devise

come let us sleep, let us dream (blood-earth-lie-space)
cum inside my body (body-god-box-beast)
Oh isn't the moon lovely (scent-head-trap-black)
his person is in the wall…

red and sweet return my memories
drawn in spirals to the earth
deeper now enough to tame the wild I laugh
on a festering night…

The 5th of November 1999, 6:30 in the afternoon 27 seconds
I the B type clean freak learned a few lies by you the A type
Just when happiness began I, the claustrophobic, presented you
a chastity belt.
on a festering night, I the perfectionist, make my arteries
pump, injecting halceon into your veins, so I can take out your
blood, as I gaze at the only thing that is hung to decorate this
simple room,
As I watch it, I show your exposed eyeballs, my super
sensitive sticky "that" three minutes of heaven
It's good. Deranged Condition Type A

red and sweet return my memory
drawn in spirals to the earth
deeper now enough to tame the wild I laugh,
on a festering night…

as the days and months pass, one of these days soon,
my child will be born and become you.
deeper now enough to tame the wild,
put your full energy into it.

got for gimmick…devise

These lyrics don't have an official translation. The fan-translation was taken from here.



  • In the single's booklet, there's a に (ni…) at the end of both refrains. The first one is missing in the album's booklet and band score, but according to the band score's sheet lyrics, both refrain's に (ni…) aren't actually sung. Furthermore, the various ellipses are displayed as white slits in the album's booklet and band score. The sheet lyrics also don't include the entire spoken middle part.


  • The converted version of this song was mistakenly called "脈[8 1/2conveert]" on the band's Best Album Project website.
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