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Japanese Rōmaji Fan-Translation

錆びついているこの時計 僕のようだ
人の愛は何気なく 終りを迎える

幼い頃を想う 優しさに飢えてた
あまりにも 遠すぎた 貴方の声

僕の心 あの頃と 何も変わらず

いつか夢が叶うと 僕は願う

季節が 雪を降らした そんな夜
君が僕に贈った愛の花束 造型の毒の花束

僕の夢は崩れて砂になり 風に流され
二度と人を愛せず でも今も君をさがしている

Sabitsuiteru kono tokei Boku no yō da
Hito no ai wa nanigenaku Owari o mukaeru

Osanai koro o omou Yasashisa ni ueteta
Amari ni mo Tōsugita Anata no koe

Boku no kokoro Ano koro to Nani mo kawarazu
Kimi ni okuru shitto dake ga tsunoru bakari

Kizu tsuku no ga kowakute nani mo dekinaku naru
Itsuka yume ga kanau to Boku wa negau

Kisetsu ga Yuki o furashita Sonna yoru
Kimi ga boku ni okutta ai no hanataba Zōkei no doku no hanataba

Boku no yume wa kuzurete suna ni nari Kaze ni nagasare
Nido to hito o ai sezu Demo ima mo kimi o sagashiteiru

This rusting clock is like myself
Human love inadvertently comes to an end

I think of my childhood, when I was starving for kindness
Your voice was much too far away

My heart is the same as it was then
Only my jealousy for you has grown stronger

I'm too afraid of being hurt to do anything
I hope that one day my dreams will come true

On a night like that, when the season has brought snow
The bouquet of love that you gave me Was a bouquet shaped from poison

My dreams have crumbled into sand and were swept away by the wind
I will never love anyone again, but I'm still looking for you

These lyrics don't have an official translation. The fan-translation was taken from here.


  • An acoustic version of this song was performed on December 13, 1999.
  • A piano version of this song was used during the credits of 1999年12月18日大阪城ホール. You can listen to this version here. While the tracklist on the VHS/DVD lists this song as "-I'll- (Piano Ver)", the official website lists it as "-I'll-(Piano Version)".


  • As with the single title, the name of this song was written without hyphen as "I'll" in various promotional material.


  • The English line at the beginning and end wasn't included in any printed lyrics. It's believed to be "I'll for you".
    • Similarily, the spoken part wasn't included in any printed lyrics either. The person who speaks it is Dynamite Tommy.



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