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Japanese Rōmaji Translation

もっと君と居たいけど もっと傍に居たいけど
耐える事なら死ぬ程したさ手も差し伸べた けれど行き着いた俺は今
We're in hell under control of him
終わりを告げる ライトは消えて舞台は闇
もっと声を聞かせてよ もっとここに居たいけど


Koharubiyori no kaze wa myakūtsu hizunda oto de
Kuzureta risō kowareta mirai ore ni wa mō…
Motto kimi to itai kedo Motto soba ni itai kedo
Egao ni hisomu yowaki namida kore ijō wa kakusenai yo
Kohakuiro shita sūnen no yume shūen no saki soko ni hontō no ore ga iru?
Taeru koto nara shinu hodo shita sa te mo sashinobeta Keredo ikitsuita ore wa ima
We're in hell under control of him
Owari o tsugeru Raito wa kiete butai wa yami
Motto koe o kikasete yo Motto koko ni itai kedo
Sayonara kokoro kara aishita namae mo wakaranai kimi yo
Kohakuiro shita yakusoku no chi de koharubiyori no kaze o sei ni ukete omoidashi
Namida wa nagare chi to mazari ai kohakuiro shita atarashii yume ga "koko" ni aru

Koe ga kareru made saigo no…
Koe ga kareru made utaō

The spring breeze makes the uneasy sound as my dreams crumble and my future breaks. I have no more……
I want to be with you more. I want to be near you.
I try to hide my weak tears behind a smile, but I can't hide anymore.
My years of dreaming, at the end, will my true self be there?
I tried so hard to bear with it. I even put out my hand.
But what it all comes down to was now; we're in hell under his control.
So this is the end I tell you, Lights will be turned off and the stage will turn to darkness.
Let me hear your voice more. I still want to be here.
Goodbye to an anonymous girl I loved from my heart.
I remember the promise we made, by the spring breeze I felt in my back.
My tears mix with blood, and it brings to life my new dream in my heart.

Until our voices go out, at last.
Lets sing until our voices go out.

These lyrics were translated by Jewels.



  • This song constitutes one of the only two instances of printed lyrics receiving so-called furigana, the other being .
    • The kanji 心 in the last line of the main part is normally read as こころ (kokoro) and means "heart". However, the official lyrics provide the reading ここ (koko).
  • Although the album booklet comes with an official English translation by Emi Yamada and You Masuda, the translation above was taken from 「我葬の詩」下巻, as it's the same translation, except for two small changes:
    • In the first line, the word "brakes" was corrected to "breaks".
    • The wording of "the stage turned to darkness" was changed to "the stage will turn to darkness".



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