ANIMA (2016)

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ANIMA is sukekiyo's first maxi-single.

Disc I (CD)
1. anima
2. 12時20分金輪際
3. 304号室 舌と夜
4. elisabeth addict (Acoustic Ver.)
5. leather field Collaboration with TUSK (新宿心音会, THE SLUT BANKS)
Disc II (Blu-ray, Deluxe Version)
Music Video
1. anima
2. 12時20分金輪際
Live Footage
sukekiyo 二〇一五年公演「宙吊り娘と掃き溜めの詩」
2015年12月2日(水) 東京国際フォーラム ホールC
3. foster mother
4. aftermath
5. hidden one
6. 斑人間
7. in all weathers


  • Although this release is categorised as an 音源集 (Ongen-shū) on the band's website, it was advertised as a single at the time of its release.


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