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These are the lyrics of the 1997 version of this song. You can find the lyrics of the 2000 version here. For the lyrics of the 2018 version, click here.
Japanese Rōmaji Fan-Translation

不透明な硝子の向こうで 見るも無惨なその体
なぜか今にも吐き出しそうで 母に抱かれて眠ります

そんな自分に気付いたある日 僕の体に「さ・よ・な・ら」を
母が描いている楽園で なぜ僕は生まれ変わるの

雁字搦めのこの世界の中で とぎれとぎれの記憶を辿りながら

僕の中で生まれ出す 現実は悲劇の中で
僕の中で生まれ出す 現実は悲劇と共に

回る 意識が 回る 絶望
桜舞う夜に 僕は崩れるのさ このまま灰になれ砂に還るように

言葉に出さなくても悲しすぎる姿 裏腹に拒絶的な僕はいつも

Futōmei na garasu no mukō de Miru mo muzan na sono karada
Nazeka ima ni mo hakidashisō de Haha ni dakarete nemurimasu

Sonna jibun ni kizuita aru hi Boku no karada ni "Sa・yo・na・ra" o
Haha ga egaite iru rakuen de Naze boku wa umare kawaru no

Ganjigarame no kono sekai no naka de Togire togire no kioku o tadorinagara…

Boku no naka de umaredasu Genjitsu wa higeki no naka de
Boku no naka de umaredasu Genjitsu wa higeki to tomo ni

Mawaru Ishiki ga Mawaru Zetsubō
Sakura mau yoru ni Boku wa kuzureruno sa Kono mama hai ni nare suna ni kaeru yōni

Kotoba ni dasanakute mo kanashisugiru sugata Urahara ni kyozetsuteki na boku wa itsumo

On the other side of that opaque glass, you can even see this miserable body.
For some reason, I collapse at any time and go to sleep, embraced by mother.

Maybe someday they'll be found with my body and "good riddance."
Mother has drawn me a paradise, perhaps I'll be reborn?

I'm still firmly trapped within this world as long as I walk through my troubled memories.

Within me was born a reality in the midst of tragedy.
Within me was born a reality with a tragedy.

It transforms my conscience. It transforms the desperation.
A cherry tree dances in the night while I decay. I am creating my ashes. It's as if I've turned into sand.

At least my pitiful appearance releases words… On the contrary, it only rejects them
And lets me end.

These lyrics don't have an official translation. The fan-translation was taken from here.


  • This song was initially released on the omnibus album Behind the Mask vol.2 1997 -SOL'FINSTERRE- on November 25, 1997. You can listen to this version here.
    • As it was re-recorded for 「楓」~if trans~ and also has two remakes, it's currently the Dir En Grey song with the most versions, four in total.



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