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Japanese Rōmaji Translation

胸を切り裂いて流れる血にさえ理由が必要 そうだろ?



胸の奥底は解らないことで自分を偽る そうだろ?


ここは自殺の庭さ 楽しい?




Mune o kirisaite nagareru chi ni sae riyū ga hitsuyō Sōdaro?

Hito to wa kizutsukeru koto de iyasarete yuku no darō?

Tōi me o shiteru no wa naze ka na?

Mune no okusoko wa wakaranai koto de jibun o itsuwaru Sōdaro?

Itsuka wa wakariaeru no ka? Motometenai no wa kimi?

Koko wa jisatsu no niwa sa Tanoshii?

Soko wa subete ga kanau niwa?

Me no mae wa ikiru imi ga nai?

Me no mae wa fukai omaera no uzu to uso no hakoniwa

Even blood that pours down from the slash wound to the chest needs a reason, right?

Don't Humans feel at ease by hurting other people?

Why do you look so disgusted?

Deep inside, you deceive yourself with things you don't know, right?

Will we ever understand each other? Is it you not wanting to?

This is the garden of suicide. Are you having fun?

Will my dreams come true at that garden?

You don't have a reason to live in front of you?

In front of you is a box garden full of your lies and deceits

These lyrics were translated by Jewels.



  • Although the album booklet comes with an official English translation by Emi Yamada and You Masuda, the translation above was taken from 「我葬の詩」下巻, as it's the same translation, except for one small change:
    • In the last line, the "all you people's" was changed to "your".


Release Title Release Date Song Title Notes
VULGAR 2003.09.10 audience KILLER LOOP Regular version.
DECADE 2003-2007 2007.12.19 Remastered version.
TOUR08 THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN 2009.04.29 Recorded on October 18, 2008 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
ANDROGYNOS 2017.12.12 Recorded on July 7, 2017 at 横浜アリーナ.
VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES 2018.01.02 Remastered version.
TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism] 2004.10.06 audience KILLER LOOP Filmed on April 24, 2004 at Zepp Tokyo.
TOUR05 It Withers and Withers 2006.05.03 Filmed on November 6, 2005 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
DESPAIR IN THE WOMB 2007.02 Filmed on August 1, 2006 at 日本武道館.
TOUR08 THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN 2009.04.29 Filmed on October 18, 2008 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
「a knot」LIMITED -2012.10.10 SHIBUYA-AX- 2013.04 Filmed on October 10, 2012 at SHIBUYA-AX.
ANDROGYNOS 2017.12.12 Filmed on July 7, 2017 at 横浜アリーナ.
Filmed on July 8, 2017 at 横浜アリーナ.
TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of VULGAR] 2017.03 Filmed on July 1, 2016 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
The Insulated World 2018.09.26 Filmed on June 30, 2018 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of 16-17] 2019.08.07 Filmed on July 1, 2016 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
THE FINAL DAYS OF STUDIO COAST 2022.09.14 Filmed on January 26, 2022 at USEN STUDIO COAST.
Filmed on January 27, 2022 at USEN STUDIO COAST.


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