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Japanese Rōmaji Fan-Translation

daddy mommy sad 大好きなiceはstrawBerry
daddy mommy mad 好きな子猫の名はstrawBerry

daddy mommy sad ボクから流れた流れたstrawBerry
daddy mommy mad daddyから流れたstrawBerry
daddy mommy bad mommyから流れたstrawBerry
daddy mommy 虐待 体に痣、傷増やす

生まれてたった9年の僕 毎晩bedの中
朝は決まって大好きなpan jamをたっぷり付けて

raspBerry jam
真っ赤なice ぶちまけろ

daddyの引き出し そっと覗いた 奥の方にあるもの
daddyとmommyがね 眠りに就くと そっと忍び寄り
お前から 撃ち抜こうか

お腹が空いて 大好きなpan jamを付けて食べよう
pistol 顳に当て

raspBerry jam

daddy mommy sad Daisuki na ice wa strawBerry
daddy mommy mad Suki na koneko no na wa strawBerry

daddy mommy sad Boku kara nagareta strawBerry
daddy mommy mad daddy kara nagareta strawBerry
daddy mommy bad mommy kara nagareta strawBerry
daddy mommy Gyakutai Karada ni aza, kizu fuyasu

Umaretetatta kyūnen no boku Maiban bed no naka
Neko to futari neyō
Asa wa kimatte daisuki na pan jam o tappuri tsukete
Nani mo kawaranai kedo

raspBerry jam
Makka na ice Buchimakero

daddy no hikidashi Sotto nozoita Oku no hō ni aru mono
Sotto machidashite mita
daddy to mommy ga ne Nemuri ni tsuku to Sotto shinobiyori
Omae kara Uchinekō ka

Onaka ga suite Daisuki na pan jam o tsukete tabeyō
pistol Komekami ni ate

raspBerry jam

daddy mommy sad my favorite icecream is strawberry
daddy mommy mad my beloved kitten's name is strawberry

daddy mommy sad strawberry pouring out of me
daddy mommy mad strawberry poured out of dad
daddy mommy bad strawberry poured out of mommy
daddy mommy abuse bruise on my body, the wounds increase.

Nine years since my conception, I sleep with the cat in my bed everynight
Nothing changes I always put lots of jam on my favorite morning bread.

raspBerry jam
pouring out all the dark red ice cream.

I snuck a peek at what my daddy kept in his drawer
and pulled the thing far in the back out to play with.
I sneak up on my mommy and daddy when they fall asleep, shall I shoot through you first?

I'm hungry, I'll eat my favorite bread with jam, put the pistol to their temples.

raspBerry Jam.

These lyrics don't have an official translation. The fan-translation was taken from here.



  • The child's voice at the beginning says
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I'll be good.
I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna blow your head off like raspberry jam.
  • This, along with the fight in the middle of the song, wasn't included in any lyrics. The fight is:
Child: Mommy…Daddy…
Father: Shut up! Shut up!
Child: How come you don't love me?
Father: Would you shut her up?
Mother: For God's sake, will you just stop whining? For God's sake, Girl!
Father: I'm trying to work! I'm trying to do my work, shut up!
Mother: I can't believe this…
Father: Every single day, every hour she's doing this.
Mother: Every Saturday.
Father: Are you listening to us? Be quiet!
Mother: She's deliberately trying to annoy me.
Father: Behave yourself for Christ's sake.
Mother: You little brat!
Father: Take that look off your face!
Mother: Come here! Come here!
Father: Shut up!
  • In the MACABRE band score's sheet lyrics, the reading for 待ち出して is mistakenly given as mochidashite.


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