Bottom of the death valley

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These are the lyrics of the 2002 version of this song. You can find the lyrics of the 2013 version here.
Japanese Rōmaji Translation

そこにある車のトランクには 愛した物全てを詰め込み
鍵を刺して最後のドライブして あの崖から私は自由に

My Sister, Obscene Sister 抱かれて 遊ばれ 溺れる
My Sister, Lustful Sister 気が付けば白い海底
My Sister, Mother Is Sister ママが愛した白い海
My Sister, Drug Addiction [R]

I Will Go To The Heaven
Playing The Suicide
I Will Go To The Hell

底にある希望の扉には 愛した物全て置き忘れ
手の震えが止まない右手を押さえて 私に気付かれないように涙隠して

底に眠る車のトランクには 私の子供詰めて今も二人で

Soko ni aru kuruma no toranku ni wa Ai shita mono subete o tsumekomi
Kagi o sashite saigo no doraibu shite Ano gake kara watashi wa jiyū ni

My Sister, Obscene Sister Dakarete Asobare Oboreru
My Sister, Lustful Sister Ki ga tsukeba shiroi umizoko
My Sister, Mother Is Sister Mama ga ai shita shiroi umi
My Sister, Drug Addiction [R]

I Will Go To The Heaven
Playing The Suicide
I Will Go To The Hell

Soko ni aru kibō no tobira ni wa Ai shita mono subete okiwasure
Te no furue ga yamanai migite o osaete Watashi ni kizukarenai yō ni namida kakushite

Soko ni nemuru kuruma no toranku ni wa Watashi no kodomo tsumete ima mo futari de

I put things that I have loved inside the trunk of the car
and went on a last drive
I will be free again from that cliff

My Sister, Obscene Sister, be fucked, be played, drowned
My Sister, Lustful Sister, I notice the white sand below the ocean
My Sister, Mother Is Sister, mother loved the white ocean
My Sister, Drug Addiction [R]

I Will Go To The Heaven
Playing The Suicide
I Will Go To The Hell

Behind the door of hope at the bottom, I have left everything I have loved
I hold down with my right hand, hands from trembling as she hides the tears from me

My child and I will be together in the trunk of a car that lies beneath the ocean

These lyrics were translated by an uncredited translator.



  • The working title of this song was ベース始 (Bēsu Hajime).


  • The [R] in this song's lyrics either refers to "Restricted" (as in "Rated R") or to "Rape me", the words that take the place of [R] in the 2013 version of the song.



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