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Japanese Rōmaji Translation


情熱の紅 愛して止まない君はもう

No one wants the present

指を差して さよなら 額に向けられた冷たい銃口に愛を





Lover, tenderness, freedom and peace

Kareki ni mizu o…doromizu ni utsuru kimi wa mō…
Yume yo kibō yo ōzora ni egaita risō

Jōnetsu no aka Aishite yamanai kimi wa mō…
Ame yori amai risō wa tada no risō

No one wants the present

Yubi o sashite Sayonara Hitai ni mukerareta tsumetai jūkō ni ai o
Akai kōto no konoko mo oshitsukerareta ima o dakikakae namida o nomikomu

Naze? Naze? Kurikaesareru

Nido to ienai

Naze? Naze? Kurikaesareru

Kareta kokoro ni…

Love, tenderness, freedom and peace

Here is some water for the dead tree…I see your reflection in the dirty water…
Dreams and aspirations Your ideals in the big sky

Passionate red The one I loved so much…
Ideals being sweeter then candy are just ideals

No one wants the present

Point your finger Goodbye I feel love on my for head at gunpoint
Even the child with the red coat swallows her tears as she faces reality

Why? Why? Over and Over

It will never heal

Why? Why? Over and Over

My dead heart…

Love, tenderness, freedom and peace

These lyrics were translated by Jewels.


  • This song holds the current record for the most confirmed performances in one year, having been performed 111 times in 2007.


  • Although the album booklet comes with an official English translation by Emi Yamada, the translation above was taken from 「我葬の詩」下巻, as it's the same translation, except for two small changes:
    • In the first line, the word "reflections" was changed to "reflection".
    • In the seventh line, the word "hers" was changed to "her".


Release Title Release Date Song Title Notes
Withering to death. 2005.03.09 dead tree
CLEVER SLEAZOID 2005.09.21 dead tree [LIVE] Recorded on April 30, 2005 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
DECADE 2003-2007 2007.12.19 dead tree Remastered version.
VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES 2018.01.02 Remastered version.
TOUR05 It Withers and Withers 2006.05.03 dead tree Filmed on November 5, 2005 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
Filmed on November 6, 2005 at 新木場STUDIO COAST.
DESPAIR IN THE WOMB 2007.02 Filmed on August 1, 2006 at 日本武道館.
IN WEAL OR WOE 2008.04 Filmed on June 16, 2007 at the Eagles Ballroom.
Filmed on August 4, 2007 at Wacken Open Air.
UROBOROS -with the proof in the name of living...- AT NIPPON BUDOKAN 2010.05.26 Filmed on January 9, 2010 at 日本武道館.
Filmed on January 10, 2010 at 日本武道館.
TOUR13 GHOUL 2014.04.23 Filmed on November 16, 2013 at the House of Blues.
DUM SPIRO SPERO AT NIPPON BUDOKAN 2014.07.16 Filmed on March 8, 2014 at 日本武道館.
TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of Withering to death.] 2018.07 Filmed on October 12, 2017 at Zepp Tokyo.
2021.04.28 Filmed in January 2021 at 目黒鹿鳴館.


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