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Dir En Grey is a band. Their name was initially written as Dir en grey, but it was changed to DIR EN GREY in 2007, with the release of THE MARROW OF A BONE (2007).

Member History

  • Vocals – 京 (Kyo)
  • Guitar – 薫 (Kaoru)
  • Guitar – Die
  • Bass – Toshiya
  • Drums – Shinya

Live History

You can find the band's live history for their indies era here. For a more detailed live history, please visit the band's artist page on vk.gy.

Release History

You can find the band's discography here. For a more detailed release history, please visit the band's release page on vk.gy.

Social Media

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Members Dir En Grey History
Before Dir En Grey199719981999

ALBATROSS (roadie) → 黒夢 (roadie)月蝕ViṣṇuMasqueradeLa:Sadie'sDir En GreysukekiyoPetit Brabancon
Other bands: 婦夜婦夜狂殺会化け化け族廃人黒薔薇族TWO MONSTROUS NUCLEAR STOCKPILES第三帝國楽団腐乱シネマ帝國楽団

DIE:STERIACHARM → La:Sadie's → Dir En Grey
Die 1st band (on drums) → 2nd band (LINDBERG cover band, female vocalist, Die on guitar) → 3rd band (ZIGGY cover band, on vocals) → Ka・za・ri → La:Sadie's → Dir En Grey • DECAYS
Toshiya 如月cruel → GOSICK (roadie) → Unknown band → PIERROT (roadie)GOSICKD†L → Dir En Grey
Shinya 人工天使SivaRuby → La:Sadie's → Dir En Grey • SERAPH
Other bands: Unknown session band • 廃人黒薔薇族