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Japanese Rōmaji Translation

S的 S的 S的 Sを覚醒
S的 S的 S的 Sを埋め込め
S的 S的 S的 Mを切断
S的 S的 プラトニックを始めましょう

腐った林檎 胃液の中

Filth High

夜にはお別れです 林檎と苺が腐る前に
君とはお別れです 最後の晩餐楽しみましょう

Filth High

S的 S的 S的 Sを飲み干せ
S的 S的 S的 Sカル、ホラー
S的 S的 シンクロ仕込みのレトロホラー


S-teki S-teki S-teki S o kakusei
S-teki S-teki S-teki S o umekome
S-teki S-teki S-teki M o setsudan
S-teki S-teki Puratonikku o hajimemashō

Kibanda yoku no mushi wa
Yokkyūfumanteki rikaisha
Kusatta ringo Ieki no naka
Seiyoku sūpu mo omeshiagare
S yoku horumarin zuke no
Dokudoku tareru pinku no uji
Kusatta ichigo asoko no naka
Ketsueki jitate no marine sawā

Filth High

Eiga o miyō kimi no yakusoku dōri te o tsunai de
Yoru ni wa owakare desu Ringo to ichigo ga kusaru mae ni
Yume wa hirogaru kimi no yakusoku dōri kisu o shi nagara
Kimi to wa owakare desu Saigo no bansan tanoshimimashō

Filth High

S-teki S-teki S-teki S o nomihose
S-teki S-teki S-teki S karu, horā
S kakusei ga odemashi da
Yotte rasshai mite rasshai
S-teki S-teki Shinkuro shikomi no retoro horā

Nikuyoku fesutibaru ga hajimaru
Seiyoku fesutibaru ga hajimaru
S-teki fesutibaru no bōsō
Jinniku jinsoku saiko horā
Kanzō iri no orenji jūsu
Jinzō majiri no amakuchi karē
Suizō shikomi no pesukatōre
Itoshi no itoshi no saiko horā

Something like the S, like the S, like the S, S awakes
Something like the S, like the S, like the S, I bury the S
Something like the S, like the S, like the S, cut off the M
Like the S, like the S, lets start the platonic

The yellow greed insect, a person with frustration from desire
The rotten apple inside the stomach acid
Why don't you have some sexual soup
Soaked S desire in formalin
Dripping down like a pink knat
Rotten strawberry inside the pussy
A marine sour drink with a twist of blood

Filth High

Lets go see a movie like we promised
Say good bye at night time before the apple and the strawberry rot
Our dreams are endless lets kiss like we promised
Say goodbye let us enjoy our last meal

Filth High

Something like the S, like the S, like the S, you gotta drink up the S
Something like the S, like the S, like the S, S like horror
S is coming your way
Gather around, come and see
Like the S, like the S, in sync with the retro horror

Desire of flesh, the festival is about to start
Sexual desire, the festival is about to start
S festival out of control
Like a human flesh psycho horror
Liver orange juice
Kidney sweet curry rice
Pasta with insides
My sweet loving psycho horror

These lyrics were translated by an uncredited translator.



  • On the FILTH (2001) single, the single title is misprinted as "FHLTH" for some reason, but the title track is written correctly on the tracklist itself.


  • The censored word in the lyrics is ピンク (pinku), which means "pink". This colour has a sexual connotation in Japan, for example pink films. In the single's and album's booklet, the censor blocks are pink.


Release Title Release Date Song Title Notes
FILTH 2001.09.12 FILTH Single version.
FILTH 北部警察PARTII Remixed version by Die and Toshiya.
鬼葬 2002.01.30 FILTH Album version.
DECADE 1998-2002 2007.12.19 Remastered album version.
VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES 2018.01.02 Remastered album version.
鬼門 2002.03.20 FILTH Music video.
列島激震行脚 FINAL 2003 5 Ugly KINGDOM 2003.05.21 Filmed on January 11, 2003 at 横浜アリーナ.
BLITZ 5DAYS DVD-BOX 2004.03 Filmed on June 30, 2003 at 赤坂BLITZ.
TOUR13 GHOUL 2014.04.23 Filmed on September 18, 2013 at 横浜BLITZ.
TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of 鬼葬] 2017.03 Filmed on November 8, 2016 at 川崎CLUB CITTA'.
ANDROGYNOS 2017.12.12 Filmed on July 7, 2017 at 横浜アリーナ.


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