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GOSICK was Toshiya's second-to-last band before joining Dir En Grey. It's unknown when they formed, but they disbanded on October 23, 1996. At first, Toshiya worked as a roadie for them, but later joined them as their support bassist.

Member History

Toshiya joined the band around June 1996 and was taught the band's songs by his predecessor. Guitarist Munya passed away in March 1999. At their live on the March 24, 1999, Dir En Grey performed アクロの丘 as a tribute to him.

  • Vocals – JUNYA
  • Guitar – ムーニャ (Mūnya)
  • Bass – Toshiya
  • Drums – MIYAZI
  • ex-Bass – KOHTAROU

Live History

Date Venue Notes
1996.06.15 横浜CLUB24 Toshiya's first live as GOSICK's support bassist.
1996.06.23 市川CLUB GIO There appears to be a VHS recording of this live.
1996.07.07 松本音屋敷
1996.07.13 池袋CYBER
1996.07.21 長野LIVE HOUSE J
1996.07.30 市川CLUB GIO
1996.08.03 名古屋MUSIC FARM There appears to be a VHS recording of this live.
1996.08.22 長野LIVE HOUSE J Prophetic Symphony event with  La:Sadie's .
1996.09.16 横浜7th AVENUE
1996.10.23 熊谷VOGUE Last live at the EMPTY WORLD event with  La:Sadie's.



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