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Japanese Rōmaji Translation

少年は ベルリンの壁に 唾吐き付け
壊しても 今が何一つ 変えられずに

思い出せば 頑なに自分を 閉ざしていた
歌う事が 唯一の支えで…

Edward H.Geinにはなりたくはないさ
Sid Vicious & Nancy何処で出逢うだろう?

心には声は無く 心にも歌を無くし 静かに君を待つ
届かない 君までは 届かない 君の声を見つけ出せず


心には声は無く 心にも歌を無くし 静かに君を待つ
恋焦がれ夢を見て 恋をして恋に恋して 夢は終わるSidの夢

Shōnen wa Berurin no kabe ni Tsuba hakizuke
Kowashitemo Ima ga nani hitotsu Kaerarezu ni

Omoidaseba Kataku na ni jibun o Tozashite ita
Utau koto ga Yuiitsu no sasae de…

Edward H.Gein ni wa naritaku wa nai sa
Sid Vicious & Nancy doko de deau darō?

Kokoro ni wa koe wa naku Kokoro ni mo uta o nakushi Shizuka ni kimi o matsu
Todokanai Kimi made wa Todokanai Kimi no koe o mitsukedasezu

Sotto kimi ga te o sashinoberu to sunao ni narezu

Kokoro ni wa koe wa naku Kokoro ni mo uta o nakushi Shizuka ni kimi o matsu
Koi kogare yume o mite Koi o shite koi ni koishite Yume wa owaru Sid no yume

A young boy spit on the broken down Berlin wall
unable to change a thing

Remembering that the only thing that has helped him
open himself up was to sing

Don't want to be another Edward H. Gein
Where will Sid Vicious and Nancy meet?

No voice in my heart
No song in my heart either
I wait for you patiently
I try to reach for you but you can not be reached
I can not find your voice

I can not be true to myself when you reach out your hand to me

No voice in my heart
No song in my heart either
I wait for you patiently
Lost in love, I dream a dream, I fall in love with falling in love
Dreaming of Sid's dream has ended

These lyrics were translated by Jewels.


  • The text on the cover of the JESSICA (2001) single says:
How small the hole is, it cannot stop us from getting through.
Came here to save you. Have something to tell you.
Can you hear us, Jessica? Where did you go? Where are you?
Came here to pick you up. Need your accompaniment.
Everything will vanish without trace when the songs go through.
Came here to flee with you. Into the silence.


  • The words Kyo sings at the end of the fourth line are missing in all printed lyrics. They are:
弱いね (Yowai ne) – So weak
  • Although the album booklet comes with an official English translation by an uncredited translator, the translation above was taken from 「我葬の詩」下巻, as it's the same translation, except for one small change:
    • The line "Where do Sid Vicious and Nancy meet?" was changed to "Where will Sid Vicious and Nancy meet?".



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