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Japanese Rōmaji Translation

苦痛重ねた日々 固めてアスファルトに 「ウ メ テ」
毒の花が咲き乱れて 十字を斬り祈れば

平和主義者の白いMASK この手に取って 「コ ワ セ」
右へ習え 縛られた廢人達         「ゾロゾロ」
ムチで打たれる毎日なら 首生掴み      「    」
破壊主義者の黒いMASK この手に取って  「カ ブ レ」

Sweet life Mad life Last life Brain crash

右目 左目 右手 左手 右足 左足    「ク   ビ」
骨 汗 涙 血液 呼吸 神経 脳も    「ズタズタ」
麻痺するまで飲まし続け ヒルを飲ませて  「    」
夢を断ち切られて生きてく独裁主義に    「ク ル エ」

叶わぬ夢 地面に早く散りばめ

Kutsū kasaneta hibi Katamete asufaruto ni   "U me te"
Doku no hana ga saki midarete Jūji o kiri inoreba

Heiwashugisha no shiroi MASK Kono te ni totte  "Ko wa se"
Migi e narae Shibarareta haijin-tachi         "Zorozoro"
Muchi de utareru mainichi nara Kubi nama tsukami "    "
Hakaishugisha no kuroi MASK Kono te ni totte  "Ka bu re"

Sweet life Mad life Last life Brain crash

Migi me Hidari me Migi te Hidari te Migi ashi Hidari ashi    "Ku   bi"
Hone Ase Namida Ketsueki Kokyū Shinkei Nō mo   "Zutazuta"
Mahi suru made nomashi tsuzuke Hiru o nomasete  "    "
Yume o tachikirarete ikiteku dokusai shugi ni   "Ku ru e"

Hane o hirogete miyou arumi no hane
Oni no inu ma ni jimen ni hayaku ochiyou
Hane o hirogete miyou kuzure yuku yume
Kanawanu yume Jimen ni hayaku chiribame

Put together the days of pain in asphalt. "bury"
If you pray by crossing yourself, the asphalt will be filled with poisonous flowers.

Take a white mask for a pacifist in your hand. "break"
Following the person in front, the insane people are marching. "one after another"
If you are whipped every day, grab your neck. "……"
Take a black mask for a destroyer in your hand. "take"

Sweet life Mad life Last life Brain crash

Right eye, left eye, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, "neck"
Bone, sweat, tears, blood, breathing, nerves and brains are "wrecked'"
Keep them drinking until they feel numb, have them swallow leeches. "……"
You have to live even if dictators steal your dream away. "go insane"

Spread my wings, aluminum wings.
Fall to the ground while the demon is away.
Spread your wings, the dream is collapsing.
The dream will never come true, spread it out on the ground quickly.

These lyrics were translated by an uncredited translator.



  • MASK was the working title for JEALOUS.


"While its members have promised us peace, they have led us to war, heedless of the platform upon which they were elected."
In the famous speech Who are the War Agitators?, held in Des Moines, Iowa on September 11, 1941, he criticised the US government's intentions to participate in World War II. From his point of view, the three most important groups who have been pressing the country toward war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration. The sentence used for MASK refers to the one named last.[1]




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