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Welcome to the Dir En Grey Wiki!

The Dir En Grey Wiki (or DEGwiki) was born in early 2017 out of my desire to have an accurate source of Dir En Grey lyrics and their official translations. The wiki was originally hosted on Wikia/FANDOM at this address. Due to various changes to their software, site policies and other factors, I decided to leave Wikia/FANDOM after almost four years and asked inartistic (the owner of to host the wiki instead. The migration took place during the Winter holidays of 2020 and at the end of the year, this new site was made public. However, due to many bad experiences with spam bots during my days at other wikis, I decided to close registration to the public.

In the years since the wiki's creation, it grew to include information on Dir En Grey's early days, from their formation in 1997 to their major debut in 1999, as well as the members' previous bands and side projects. My goal is to provide a supplementary source of lyrics, translations and other information for fans of Dir En Grey and its members. As such, you won't find any copyrighted audio or video on this website. Please refer to DEGwiki:General disclaimer for all disclaimers.

You can find further information on the band, their members and other projects on these websites:

  • My YouTube channel with exclusive and rare video material.
  • Dir En Grey's entry in the visual-kei database
  • Dir En Grey's Discogs entry.
  • Dir En Grey's profile.
  • Dir En Grey's profile.
  • Dir En Grey's subreddit for news and discussions about the band.

In case of any inquiries, feel free to contact me on twitter @degtau.


2023 Release Schedule
Dir En Grey PHALARIS (2022) LP July 5
25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ Blu-ray/DVD
sukekiyo AMOR (2022) Regular Ver. June 14
Petit Brabancon Resonance of the corpse January 18
Automata (2023) June 14