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Masquerade (マスカレード) was Kyo's third band, formed in May 1995 by renaming from Viṣṇu and adding a new bassist. It was Kyo's last band before he moved from Kyoto to Osaka, where he formed La:Sadie's, Dir En Grey's direct predecessor. Although they were active for only five months, Masquerade even had a fanclub, named "Monologue".

Member History

Masquerade is one of the few of Kyo's bands that had no known member changes. However, on the AIR demo tape, only Kyo and Seine are listed; there's also a flyer with Kyo, Seine and a third member.

  • Vocals – 京 (Kyo)
  • Guitar – Seine
  • Bass – 目 (Eye)
  • Drums – Masa

Live History

Date Venue Notes
1995.07.?? Unknown Live debut.
1995.07.06 京都MUSE HALL
1995.07.15 梅田amHALL According to Kisaki's old website, STELLA MARIA performed on this date with MASQUERADE.
As the name is written in allcaps, it might've been a different Masquerade.
1995.08.15 心斎橋MUSE HALL
1995.08.25 Unknown
1995.08.30 Unknown
1995.09.30 梅田amHALL
1995.10.?? 梅田GUILD
1995.10.12 京都MUSE HALL "Emergency live" is held. Masquerade most likely disbanded after this live.

Release History

The following song titles were provided by Seine for Viṣṇu and Masquerade: neo-nazis, 風の無い処へ (Kaze no nai tokoro e), sabbat, slave, ice, mania and end. They also had an unnamed ballad. It's unknown which songs belong to which band.

Picture Name Tracklist
AIR.jpg AIR 1. AIR
AIR2.jpg AIR#2 1. AIR#2
GnH.jpg 幻覚の華 1. 幻覚の華
GnHAIR1.jpg 幻覚ノ華 / AIR 1. 幻覚の華
2. AIR
GnHAIR2.jpg 幻覚の華 / AIR 1. 幻覚の華
2. AIR



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