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Petit Brabancon (プチ・ブラバンソン), also called Puchibura (プチブラ) for short, is a supergroup formed by Dir En Grey / sukekiyo vocalist Kyo and L'Arc~en~Ciel drummer yukihiro in December 2021. They're joined by guitarists Miya (MUCC) and antz (ex-acid android), as well as Takamatsu Hirofumi (THE NOVEMBERS) on bass.

Member History

  • Vocals – 京 (Kyo)
  • Guitar – ミヤ (Miya)
  • Guitar – antz
  • Bass – 高松浩史 (Takamatsu Hirofumi)
  • Drums – yukihiro

Live History

Date Venue Title
2021.12.27 日本武道館 DANGER CRUE 40th Anniversary JACK IN THE BOX 2021 supported by MAVERICK DC GROUP
2022.01.14 川崎CLUB CITTA' Petit Brabancon The 1st Premium Live 「渇き」
2022.09.08–21 Various Tour 2022 “Resonance of the corpse”
2023.01.28 豊洲PIT Petit Brabancon EXPLODE -01-

Release History

For a detailed release history, please visit the band's release page on

CDs 渇き (2022)Fetish (2022)
Digital 刻 / 渇き (2021)


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