SALUS (2021)

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SALUS is sukekiyo's second maxi-single. The band classifies it as an 音源映像集 (Ongen Eizō-shū), meaning "Audio and Video Compilation".

Disc I (CD)
(The Regular Version only includes tracks 1, 3 and 4.)
1. Candis
2. Creeper
3. 触れさせる
4. Candis (Off Vocal Ver.)
5. zephyr (Ending Ver.)
Disc II (Blu-ray, Deluxe Version)
1. Candis
2. Candis (Another Edit)
2021.07.03 07.04 京都劇場
3. aftermath
4. グニャ結論。そして血眼。
5. 襞謳
6. focus
7. 擬似ネクロマンサー
8. 君は剥き出し


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