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As its name implies, SESSION is less of a proper song and more of an ever-changing impromptu performance at sukekiyo lives. The earliest known session took place on November 9, 2018. At this live, Takumi experienced some technical issues with his guitar. While their staff worked to resolve them, the rest of the band played a short, improvised jam. The first time a session appeared on a release was LIQUEFACIO in 2020. On the tracklist, it was for some reason called "session 1", despite being the only session on the release. At lives, the sessions are usually performed at the beginning or end and aren't mentioned on the instagram setlist posts.

Similar performances can already be found on past releases, although without proper titles on the tracklists. They're sometimes called "introduction", "interlude" or "conclusion" by fans, depending on their position in the footage. Unlike sessions, they're more similar to stage plays and often don't have the band playing music at all.




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