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Japanese Rōmaji Translation


はるか遠い約束の声 もう聞こえやしないさ

今も心奪われ焼け付く鎖の跡 うらぶれた声 此処に独り

はるか遠い約束の声 もう聞こえやしないさ

This is my pledge to you
まだ上手く生きられないさ 変えられるのはただ

何も変わるはずのない日々 まだ終われない

こみ上げる心がまだ咲くのなら 答えてみろよ


Mitsumeteta awai negai o egaki
Naze furuete iru?
Kodoku o kakae shōnen wa seiten no sora ni nanimo nai koto no imi o

Naze ni rinen wa haru
Haruka tōi yakusoku no koe Mō kikoeyashinai sa

Nagare katachi o kaeteyuki kieru
Ima mo kokoro ubaware yaketsuku kusari no ato Urabureta koe Koko ni hitori

Naze ni rinen wa haru
Haruka tōi yakusoku no koe Mō kikoeyashinai sa

This is my pledge to you
Mada umaku ikirarenai sa Kaerareru no wa tada…

Asu ni ikasaretemo
Nanimo kawaru hazu no nai hibi Mada owarenai

Komiageru kokoro ga mada saku no nara Kotaete miro yo

Daremo iyaseyashinai

I vision the small wish I had been gazing

Why are you shivering?
The lonely boy looks up at the sunny sky that carries no meaning

Where is the philosophy of spring?
The long lost promise
It can not be heard anymore

As time goes by, it changes shape and disappears
Even now after my heart was taken and rotted
My miserable voice
I am alone

Where is the philosophy of spring?
The long lost promise
It can not be heard anymore

This is my pledge to you
I can't live successfully yet
But I think I can change…

Even if tomorrow lets me live
The days will not change
It will not end

If my full blown heart blooms again
Then answer me

I can't comfort anybody

These lyrics were translated by Emi Yamada.



  • While the unplugged songs on THE MARROW OF A BONE (2007) didn't get different titles on the album itself, this song's unplugged version was titled THE PLEDGE [UNPLUGGED] on the "DIR EN GREY AUDIO LIVESTREAM 5 DAYS" setlist.
    • On the setlists for the TOUR07 THE MARROW OF A BONE -PREMIUM LIVE- on April 21 and 28, 2007, the unplugged version uses the addendum -Unplugged-.
  • On March 15, 2019, the band performed an acoustic version due to Kaoru's equipment failing halfway through the song.


  • During the line まだ上手く生きられないさ 変えられるのはただ… (Mada umaku ikirarenai sa Kaerareru no wa tada…), the background vocals sing "ru ru ru". At the end of the line, Kyo sings "Pledge to you". Both were only included in the band score's sheet lyrics.


Release Title Release Date Song Title Notes
THE MARROW OF A BONE 2007.02.07 THE PLEDGE Regular version.
Unplugged version.
UROBOROS -with the proof in the name of living...- AT NIPPON BUDOKAN 2010.05.26 THE PLEDGE Filmed on January 10, 2010 at 日本武道館.
TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of THE MARROW OF A BONE] 2017.09 Filmed on April 18, 2017 at Zepp Nagoya.


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