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TTT is a Mad Capsule Markets cover band, formed in December 2015 by members of the Japanese rock scene. The name is short for Tora Tora Tora, as all members were born in the year of the tiger. Except for Mr.T T T, who is actually the VJ and talk show host Boo, all members are active in other bands.

Member History

  • Vocals – Mr.T T T
  • Vocals – KOJI
  • Guitar – 薫 (Kaoru)
  • Guitar – Aiji
  • Bass – T$UYO$HI
  • Drums – Duttch

Live History

Date Venue Notes
2015.12.21 渋谷O-EAST Live debut.
2022.09.06 渋谷Spotify O-EAST 2022年「演る寅、喋る寅」event.
Postponed due to vocalist KOJI catching COVID.
2022.11.15 渋谷Spotify O-EAST 2022年「演る寅、喋る寅」event.

Release History

As they play just for fun, they have not released any proper material so far.


Members Dir En Grey History
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