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These are the lyrics of the 2002 version of this song. You can find the lyrics of the 2008 version here.
Japanese Rōmaji Translation

背を向けた二人には 居場所など無くて
激しく振る雨さえ 音は聞こえず
背を向けて歩いてく 二人のゆく場所
足跡が一つ消え また一つ消え⸻

僕を想い出に変え 新しい海へ
幸せを心から 願うよ君へ
涙の向う側に 幸せはあるの
涙の向う側に 君はいないさ

君の言葉が心に深く突き刺さる ほら

遅すぎるけどもう一度ほら 手を繋ぎたい
いつかの出逢い いつかの別れ君との出逢い

Se o muketa futari ni wa Ibasho nado nakute
Hageshiku furu ame sae Oto wa kikoezu
Se o mukete aruiteku Futari no yuku basho
Ashiato ga hitotsu kie Mata hitotsu kie⸻

Boku o omoide ni kae Atarashii umi e
Shiawase o kokoro kara Negau yo kimi e
Namida no mukōgawa ni Shiawase wa aru no
Namida no mukōgawa ni Kimi wa inai sa

Hanarenai hanaretakunai kedo
Kimi no kotoba ga kokoro ni fukaku tsukisasaru Hora
Hanarenai hanaretakunai kedo
Nami de kiete yuku kimi no ashiato mata hitotsu zutsu

Haru natsu aki fuyu no kisetsu to⸻
Ososugiru kedo mō ichido hora Te o tsunagitai
Haru natsu aki fuyu no kisetsu ga⸻
Itsuka no deai Itsuka no wakare kimi to no deai

There is no where these two can go having their backs to each other
They can not even hear the sounds of the rain that pours heavily
They walk with their backs to each other, where will they go
One by one their footsteps disappears……

Change me into a memory and head to the new ocean
I wish you happiness from the heart
There is happiness behind the tears
But behind the tears you are not there

I don't want to part from you
But your words stab my heart, do you see??
I don't want to part from you but
The waves are erasing your footsteps one by one

With the changes of the 4 seasons
Maybe its too late but I want to hold your hand
With the changes of the 4 seasons
There will always be a hello and a goodbye, and a hello to you.

These lyrics were translated by an uncredited translator.


  • An unplugged version of this song was performed on December 22 and 25, 2007.



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