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This is a list of promotional versions of official releases. Most of the items listed here are not widely available, mostly because of their age and rarity. They're sometimes sold on Yahoo! Japan or other Japanese websites for high prices. For some of these releases, rips are available online, but most are unobtainable.

Internal Promo Releases

These releases are only for internal use, for example by people in the music industry or radio stations, or as promotional videos in store windows. Although they weren't officially sold, they can sometimes be found for sale in second-hand shops or online. Most of the time, their content is similar to official releases.



  • GAUZE-62045-店頭演奏用ビデオ
    • A promotional VHS for the music video collection GAUZE-62045- (1999) with unknown contents.
  • “MACABRE” 店頭プロモーション用ビデオ (VHS)
  • 太陽の碧 Promo VHS
  • “THE FINAL” 店頭演奏用ビデオ (VHS)
    • A promotional VHS for the THE FINAL (2004) single with unknown contents.




Official Promo Releases

Unlike internal promo releases, the following releases were officially sold or given out to fans at concerts and on other occasions