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Ka・za・ri was Die's band prior to joining La:Sadie's. He joined them after he turned 20 years old, which happened on December 20, 1994. They disbanded on January 12, 1996.

Member History

  • Vocals – 藤乃 (Fujino)
  • Guitar – Die
  • Bass – YUKI
  • Drums – Arishi
  • ex-Bass – MAYA

Live History

Date Venue Notes
1995.??.?? 尼崎LIVE SQUARE VIVRE Ka・za・ri and CHARM perform at the same live.
Die and Kaoru meet for the first time.
1995.09.?? Unknown Ka・za・ri and Ruby perform at the same live.
Die and Shinya meet for the first time.
1995.11.?? Unknown Die and Kyo meet for the first time at this live.
Possibly the November 18 live.
1995.11.18 枚方BLOW DOWN Ka・za・ri participates in the event "VISUALIZE" Vol:1.
1996.01.12 尼崎LIVE SQUARE VIVRE Ka・za・ri holds an "Activity Hiatus Live".
1996.01.21 京都MUSE HALL Ka・za・ri most likely did not participate in this event live.

Release History

Ka・za・ri has only one known demo tape with three tracks.

Picture Name Tracklist
KazariTape.jpg CLOSE MY 1. Close My…
2. Makin' love
3. Voiceless Scene



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