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DIE:STERIA was Kaoru's first band. They formed during his second year in high-school, as early as April 1990, and disbanded when the members graduated around March 1992. In his book Dokugen, Kaoru explains that he decided on the name "DIE:STERIA" because he thought that it was cool when a band name began with a D and included a colon. He also says that they had only one original song, but did not record it. They also covered songs by X, BOØWY, かまいたち, ZI:KILL and D'ERLANGER and performed at their high school's culture festival in third year (as early as April 1991).

During a fanclub live on February 11, 2001, Kaoru mentioned that one of the people he performed with (each Dir En Grey member had their own band that day) was Mr. Horikiri, a tattoo artist and the one who tattooed the dragon on Kyo. Kaoru then explained that he used to play in a band with Mr. Horikiri, and considering how all members of CHARM are known, it's likely that the band Kaoru meant was DIE:STERIA.

Member History

  • Guitar – 薫
  • Mr. Horikiri

Live History

Date Venue Notes
1991.??.?? Unknown High-school festival.


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