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D†L (ディエル) was Toshiya's last band before joining Dir En Grey. It's unknown when they formed, but they disbanded on March 19, 1999. Toshiya was with them from around October 1996 to February 1997 and played support guitar. During Toshiya's tenure with the band and for the recording of their debut album, they used a drum machine at lives. According to Shuji, Daiki joined the band after they used a drumming machine. It's unknown when exactly this was the case. At some point, they also had a different drummer, Hiroshi.

Member History

Last known lineup
  • Vocals – Shuji
  • Guitar – Takeshi
  • Guitar – Akira
  • Bass – Kohtarou (ex-GOSICK)
  • Drums – Daiki or Hiroshi
Known past members
  • Guitar – Toshiya
  • Drums – Daiki or Hiroshi

Live History

Date Venue Notes
Unknown Unknown A short clip of this live was posted on Twitter.
Unknown 長野LIVE HOUSE J This live was filmed for a VHS.
1997.01.24 長野LIVE HOUSE J Toshiya also performed with Dir En Grey at this event.
1997–1999 Various D†L performed many more lives after Toshiya left.
1999.03.19 長野LIVE HOUSE J Last live.
2008.08.31 長野LIVE HOUSE J One-day revival live.

Release History

D†L released at least two demo tapes and one album (after Toshiya left). A VHS exists as well, but according to vocalist Shuji, it wasn't released by the band. The information regarding the actual number and contents of the demo tapes is also disputed.

Picture Name Tracklist
DLAka.jpg D†L 1. ガ・ン・ジ・ガ・ラ・メ
2. 僕ノ中デ
3. ユメ ノ ユメ
According to the band's old mixi account, it had two more tracks:
4. La La La
5. 追憶
According to Shuji, this tape has only one track:
1. 月色の十字架
DLShiro.jpg D†L-ディエル- 1. LEAVE
2. White
DLVHS.jpg D†L 1. ガ・ン・ジ・ガ・ラ・メ
2. 月色の十字架
3. 僕ノ中デ
4. Unidentified
Kakera.jpg 破片-kakera- 1. ガ・ン・ジ・ガ・ラ・メ
2. ユメ ノ ユメ
3. 僕ノ中デ
4. 月色の十字架
6. 破片



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