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Japanese Rōmaji Fan-Translation

Pathetic 冷凍食品解凍
儚いだけだろ 汚いだけだろ 醜いだけだろ オードブル
甘いPathetic 蒼いPathetic グロいPathetic

Handy 保存食品開封
幼いだけだろ 可愛いだけだろ 激しいだけだろ メインディッシュ
紅いHandy 青いHandy 黒いHandy

Crunch 賞味期限排除
痛みは無いだろ 痛々しいだろ 優しくないだろ デザート
赤いCrunch 嗚呼Crunch 暗いCrunch
壱 弐 惨 四 Child Of Sand


Hey Miss Girl is Very Fond Of Child

Pathetic Reitōshokuhin kaitō
Hakanai dake daro Kitanai dake daro Minikui dake daro Ōdoburu
Amai Pathetic Aoi Pathetic Guroi Pathetic
Kokonotsu mitsugo no SHOW TIME

Handy Hozonshokuhin kaifū
Osanai dake daro Kawaii dake daro Hageshii dake daro Mein disshu
Akai Handy Aoi Handy Kuroi Handy
Kokonotsu yotsugo no SHOW TIME

Crunch Shōmikigen haijo
Itami wa nai daro Itaitashii daro Yasashikunai daro Dezāto
Akai Crunch Aa Crunch Kurai Crunch
Wan Tsū Surī Fō Child Of Sand

Saikō no dināshō sa

Hey Miss Girl is Very Fond Of Child

Pathetic the frozen food has thawed
It's only temporary It's only dirty It's only ugly Hors d'oeuvre
Sweet Pathetic Blue Pathetic Grotesque Pathetic
Nine triplets SHOW TIME

Handy open the preserved food
It's only young It's only cute It's only violent Main Dish
Red Handy Blue Handy Black Handy
Nine quadruplets SHOW TIME

Eliminate the "sell by date"
It doesn't hurt, does it? Looks painful, doesn't it? It's not gentle, is it? Dessert
Red Crunch Ah Crunch Dark Crunch
1 2 3 4 Child Of Sand

It's the greatest Dinner Show!

Hey Miss Girl is Very Fond Of Child

These lyrics don't have an official translation. The fan-translation was taken from here.




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